A Bullet Fired in the Check Post near Variyav, SRP Officer Pressed the Trigger.

In the late Sunday night, a firing incident occurred in the Variyav Check Post. The Variyav Chack Post comes under the Jahangirpura Police station. After the firing incident, the Police staff from the Jahangirpura immediately rushed to the Check post. However, it was discovered that the firing incident occurred as result of Mistake of one of the on-duty SRP. The impact of the bullet can be seen on the Floor of that check post. This incident was regarded as the Negligence of the SRP officer.

Doctor Omkar Chaudhary said that the SRP officer Chuni Jayanti Bubadiya was brought to Civil Hospital to check the level of Alcohol in his blood.  Under the Influence of Alcohol, Chuni was saying that he would be now on unpaid duty for 31 days and his paid leaves were also canceled. Under the stress, he consumed alcohol on Sunday night and this led to the accidental trigger release and eventually, a bullet was fired. He was seen lamenting about the incident.

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