8 Wonderful Date Ideas For A Foodie Surti Couple

When you are a foodie, everything’s about food itself. And when your bae is as much in love with food as you, you gotta make your date truly worth remembering for the foodie couple that you are.

1. Order or cook a new cuisine.


2. Make your date progressive. Meaning, starters at one place, main course at other and dessert at third. And if you feel like you can’t let go of your love yet, why not cups of freshly brewed coffee at a fourth?


3. Visit a food festival and enjoy together different cuisines under one roof.


4. Go wine tasting. Cheese and wine… mmmmm…. Do I need say anything more?


5. Take a trip somewhere and do nothing but try different local foods popular in that city.


6. Find your beau’s favourite cuisine and surprise him by booking a new place for a memorable date.


7.  Research and locate a restaurant where you can get to grill your own kebabs and mix and match stuff of your choice.

You both will have lots of fun experimenting with your food.


8. Take a cooking class. Learning something new while making silly mistakes and then getting to savor and share your own creation at the end of the session is something that you need to experience for yourself.


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