7th Standard Student Sexually Abused by Neighborhood Friends.

A student studying in the 7th standard of School in Shingarpor was sexually abused by friends from the neighborhood. The two accused both are about 15 to 16 years old and threatened the victim to remain silent or they would kill him.

The whole incident was unknown to the parents. When the victim complained about to much pain in the sexual organ, the father took the victim to the civil hospital. In the civil hospital, it was discovered that the boy was sexually molested. The victim initially refused to divulge any information but after much effort, he revealed all the details.

On Sunday, the neighborhood boys with whom the victim used to play took advantage of the victim. The culprits promised the victim that they would show him pigeons and they would play there. But the culprit duo instead molested the victim. The culprits are said to be caught watching porn in the school and are constantly disobeying their parents. The father is thinking of filing an official complaint against the culprits so that they would not molest others as they have molested his young boy.

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