The resident of Ichapore in surat, have resembled a suicide at mango tree near the house.He was a 9th standard student absent from school, he had gone from being reprimanded. Taking one step and forbidding filled family has lost a son. Police  have recently moved the case to Civil Hospital with a view to post-mortem the body.

He took a drastic step to fill reprimanded

Ismail Ansari lives with his family at vatalai village icchapora area with his wife and a daughter and a son. Son Rustam (Rajawadi 15) is studying in Class 9 of Tapovan, located at Mora village. he had been absent from school on Saturday and Sunday. The school teachers informed his father regaring the same.  Rustams father rebuked. Since then he was gone from home. And had not returned home that night.

In the morning his father was informed, took rustam traps suicide near a mango tree on a farm in the vicinity of the house. The whole family was assembled at the event. The incident  had been informed to the police. Recently a student body with a view to a post-mortem has been moved to the hospital.

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