5 Mistakes Surti Lady should Avoid While wearing A Saree.

Tell me the name of one woman who doesn’t look good in a sari. This charismatic piece of clothing has always had a different charm to it and while we all may curse ourselves after we wear it, because of all the pleats and pallus, it’s no lie that saris make us look very attractive.

Now that the wedding season is approaching, we would finally get to take that big box of saris out from our closet. However, sometimes in a bid to flaunt much more than required, we tend to make mistakes while wearing saris, which spoils the complete look.

Given below are 5 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when you wear saris lest you want to attract the fashion police or are dressing for a Halloween party.

A Large Purse
You are certainly not going on a travel adventure when you are wearing a sari. So avoid picking up the big purse even if it matches. The charm of saris is such that you don’t need too many accessories to go with it and even if you do, big purses do not count in that list. If you have to carry something, prefer a potli purse or an envelope clutch.

Wrong Footwear
If you want to get termed a fashion disaster, we understand but if that is not the case, you certainly should not wear wedges, kitten heel kolhapuris, or flat ballerinas with saris. Although it won’t be too visible, the right pair of footwear would only add to your sari’s appeal.

Flared Petticoats
Not everyone can manage flared petticoats and if you are not too used to of wearing a sari, avoid taking the risk and go with the traditional fitted petticoat.

Misfit Blouses
There is a clear difference when people smile at you and when they laugh at you. Don’t give anyone a chance to do that and always get your bloused made according to your body structure.

Too Much Glitter
If you are going to a wedding, we get that you feel the need to show off your jewelry in front of your friends and family, but for the sake of style, don’t wear everything that you have. If you have a nice and heavy sari, a plain bracelet with a thin gold chain and jhumkis would make you look much better than those heavy chains and maang tikas.

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